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The team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save the Earth from a former friend turned enemy. Caution and consideration are required in order to express one's opinion in Vietnamese society, a reality with origins in the country's history. A serious and critical message is often hidden behind a seemingly innocent and sometimes humorous statement.

The exhibition includes video, painting, sculpture and installations by Vietnamese artists active in their homeland. The new Audi A6 is a stately car, measuring 4, millimeters in length. The wheelbase measures 2, millimeters, the width 1, millimeters and the body height 1, millimeters. Advantages of the new Audi A6 body with its outstanding manufacturing quality: it achieves top values with respect to torsion stiffness, thus providing the basis for the highly precise handling and quietness in the cabin.

The new gasoline engine features 1, cc, in a fourcylinder unit producing kW hp and Nm of torque, the latter between 1, and 4, rpm. Compared to the A6 previously sold in Vietnam, the CO2 emissions have decreased by as much as 22 percent, while output has increased by 8 kW 10 hp and fuel consumption reduced by 0. Bebe Fashion. During the first year, The Coffee Bean will release only 2, cards. For further information, please visit the website: www. With 14 stores across the country, after 10 years, Mango has opened its fisrt Mega Store in Vietnam.

With a total area of m2, Mango Mega Store is the largest one in Vietnam. In the large shopping space, fashionistas of Mango in Hanoi are offered a wide range of selections from attractive designs for women to manly clothes. It is expected that further Mango Mega Stores will be opened at other big commercial centers this year.

Evoking one of the most popular nursery rhymes of our childhood, designer Jeremy Scott has transformed it into Longchamp's classic Le Pliage bag. The print is a mix of rabbits, elephants, mushrooms and tortoises that take us back to the world of childhood. This new "Humpty Dumpty" limited edition with extravagant motifs has been on sale at Longchamp's stores all over the world. Located on a beautiful white sand beach, with three sides surrounded by sea, Sun Spa Resort is a highlight of Quang Binh tourism.

Boasting a separate beach, 10 luxury villas and international standard seaview rooms, the resort promises to meet all the demands of customers. This year, Travellive would like to introduce you some specific hotels and resorts that can meet different demands of customers. Readers can find out hotels with extraordinary services, unique spaces and masterpieces in design. In this hot weather of July, hotels and resorts are also offering guests many special promotions. Every buildings details were skillfully selected from the structure to materials, and from exterior decoration to interior layout.

Chic and luxury design, along with traditional highlights perfectly suit the surrounding area. Bamboo is an architectural symbol at Naman Retreat. The retreat features two of the largest bamboo works of architecture, Hay Hay Restaurant and the Conference Center. The bamboo domes are amazing works of art that create lasting impressions in every guest. Besides traditional elements, Vietnamese modern designs are incorporated into Naman Retreat. In particular, the Pool Villa showcases a stunning minimalistic design featuring concrete, glass, stone and wood. The modern contemporary B Lounge is an ideal place to be immersed in the tranquility of the night in a trendy and sophisticated lounge atmosphere.

Constructed with eco-friendly materials, such as stone and bamboo Naman Retreat creates an unparalleled experience. Accented with traditional Vietnamese beauty combined with luxury modern style, Naman Retreat evokes the feeling of peace. Green architectural principles were incorporated into many aspects of Naman Retreat including solar energy, rainwater management and unique construction material to reduce the overall environmental impact of the retreat. The amazing bamboo architecture, as well as the distinctive local culture and intimate hospitality will inspire you to escape the stress of life and retreat into peace.

This principle makes the works more stable and well-aired. Additionally, travelers can be surpised by the impressive beauty of nature. Immersing yourself in the blue water, diving to explore wonderful coral reefs and joining activities on the yellow sand beach will be your memorable experiences. Moreover, the fresh and cool air with abundant oxygen from the forest will make you more active. In an excellent dining space, guests will be satisfied with the lavish menus featuring a wide selection of Vietnamese cuisines and European delicacies.

Moreover, you can also lazily sunbathe on the picturesque beach and listen to waves lapping while sipping a cool cooktails served by Long Bar or Barefoot. Bastien Gonzalez; and relax with family and friends in M-Rouge karaoke room, Auditorium cinema or kids garden. All these services are free and included in the accommodation fee. Madagui is a tourist destination bearing the true distinctions of a forest city with pure, natural and green forests nestled alongside the mythical Da Huoai river.

This is not only an interesting activity to protect our environment but also a chance for enhancing close-knit relationships among family members. After your vacation, the resort will properly cultivate the tree and frequently send its updates to your family. If you are interested in funny cartoons such as Minions or risky adventures like Jurassic World, your family and friends can enjoy famous movies right in the majestic green forest. Unlike closed cinemas in the city, the green forest will offer you a great new experience. If exploring and conquering new challenges are your passion, the primeval forest with impressive attractions led by zigzag roads, mysterious open-cast cavechains, a unique bamboo collection, amazing sky walk and a variety of wild animals are waiting for you.

Each room exhibits a romantic touch like the love story of Sotaro Araki, a Japanese businessman and Ngoc Hoa, the princess of the Nguyen dynasty. On the balcony, guests will be captivated by a magnificent view of the river that meanders leisurely and the age-old communities that thrive along its banks. Hotel Royal Hoi An provides decadent dining experiences through its several top-notch bars and restaurants. Chef Wa Ka Ku at its Japanese-food outlet exhibits his prowess in the art of making sushi and yakitori dishes using the finest local ingredients.

Classic cocktails, chic design and a relaxed vibe at the poolside River Bar with cool lounge sounds will bring you memorable moments. The area in which the hotel was built associates with historic stories of Hanoi. Just opened the door in April , Apricot has adorned this area with a new painting line.

Inspired by Hanoi historic stories, Apricot ambiance blends the authentic Vietnamese tradition and neo-classical design.

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From the outside of the hotel, guests are amazed by the gorgerous beauty of the white building and the entrance designed in classic Europeanstyle dome. Unearth the local heritage and culture through Vietnamese artists. There are a variety of experiences for guests at Apricot. With 17 rooms consisting of a square-meters ballroom and a square-meters ballroom as well as spacious pre-function areas, the hotel can serve up to guests. All meeting venues are on the same floor with separate parking space. In addition to professional services, the hotel has appointed guestrooms including 55 suites, which will provide you a perfect experience.

Featuring 48 square-meters guest rooms with luxurious wood floors, spacious work desks, and hour room service, the hotel will bring you an environment that nurtures success. French Grill offers French sumptuous dishes such as foie gras, Wagyu beef steak and special wine. Crystal Jade Palace, the Chinese awardwinning restaurant, showcases authentic Cantonese dishes including succulent Peking duck, feisty live seafood and Dim Sum dishes from Hong Kong.

To relax after a busy work day, you can choose from a wide selection of authentic Vietnamese and Asian treatments at Spa by JW. Norfolk Hotel features renovated rooms equipped with modern conveniences, complimentary wireless internet connection and functional working spaces for busy executives. For those guests seeking to relax and be pampered, Norfolk Spa offers spa treatments as well as sauna and steam bath facilities - the perfect way to unwind after a day of discovery or hectic day at work. It is the perfect choice for a family celebration or formal business dinner.

Available in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom configurations as well as exclusive 4 bedroom roof-top penthouses, all apartments feature private work areas, functional living spaces and well-equipped kitchens. Relaxing after a hectic day is easy at Norfolk Mansion;. Yoga classes as well as body toning sessions are also offered at the fully-equipped health club. Too busy to worry about laundry? Public laundries as well as dry cleaning services are available. Too tired to go out for dinner, or facing tight work deadlines? Whether you are visiting on long-term business or a short-term traveler seeking a unique luxury living experience, Norfolk Mansion offers the ultimate in city living.

A khaki pants and a youngful and elegant jacket will be one of the best choices for a long-time business trip, especially when you need to travel a lot and have meetings with partners. A luxury Burberry not only helps you to keep your documents save but also is a highlight for your set of outfits. Burberry glasses, Ferragamo F watch and Rimowa Topas Stealth suitcase designed in a luxurious and sophisticate style will bring business executives professional images.

Karenmillen glasses www. After stressful meetings, you only need to a shirted dress of Karenmillen. A luxury red Rimowa Bossa Nova suitcase will make the owner more glamorous and elegant. One advantage of online booking is that the prices offered are cheaper than those of direct booking. Moreover, on online booking websites, you are offered many gifts and promotions such as: discounts for group bookings, lucky draw coupons. If lucky enough, you can have chances to stay at famous hotels at half prices.

Some websites such as iVIVU. You can use these reviews to decide whether the chosen hotel is suitable for you or not. Sometimes you can also find attractive points of the hotel after reading these reviews. However, with available online booking services in Vietnam, you can choose to pay by credit card, Visa debit card or even by cash in their offices within 24 hours. The flexibility in payment methods can make your online transaction safer. Then, consider carefully about the style of chosen hotels as well. Small boutique hotels are more intimate while hundred-room hotels are more suitable with groups of travelers or business executives.

For example, for families with kids, you should know whether there is any extra cost. Few websites such as iVIVU. All you need to do is provide this code for the hotel. However, you need to differentiate between online booking and phone booking services. The latter only gives you the room after it is paid and checked. Summer is an ideal time to relax after busy work days. In addition to indispensable outfits such as shorts and T-shirts, luxury accessories for men such as watches and glasses will make you look more active and stylish. A yellow Karenmillen dress is a perfect choice of charming girls.

A bright colored Rimowa Topas Titanium suitcase or a pretty small Rimowa Salsa Beauty Case will highlight the luxurious outfit and showcase your fashion sense. Personal lifestyle In , roommates Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia decided to lease their living room to reduce the cost of their rent in San Francisco. Does it sound interesting enough? When we were walking around looking for craftsmen apartments in Dist. Visiting Airbnb is like opening a catalogue of beautiful houses, but now you can also ask the hosts if you can stay at their house for a short time.

Airbnb and the 5-star rating The position of the house is important, as are the decors and the quality of the breakfast. However, they are not enough to persuade a stranger seeking accommodation among more than a million houses in 34, cities that your house is the best choice. More than. I have intimate knowledge of the Airbnb world because my family hosts a house in Hoi An. With those who want to know more about Vietnamese cuisine, we are willing to bring them to the market and prepare and enjoy dishes together. Our guests are always eager to wash the dishes, although they pay for the meal.

To explore Airbnb, please visit the website www. You only need to enter your destination, find a house and send the request along with your personal information and demands. The number of hosts has increased dramatically from 4, in to more than 40, now in Ile-de-France. Sometimes I joke that I just need to stay at home and hope for the world to come in a share dinner with us, and the world comes in. Actually not only a dinner, but thanks to Airbub, I also had a chance to watch the final match of the European youth rugby tournament with one of my guests whose cousin was playing.

When a German guest, a marketing executive for the fashion line, Diesel, came here, fashion was the center of our mealtime conversations. One of our most interesting guests was a man working with his colleagues to run the Google Drive app, which I use every day. The more members of Airbnb you meet, the more stories you listen to, the more you will find out the reason why many tourists only choose Airbnb for their itineraries. It is quickly becoming a popular trend all over the world.

However, after the earthquake, he decided to travel around the world. Luckily, his hosts were open to the idea. A few days later, Clarence and his team, including eight models, a stylist, and a make-up artist, spent the day capturing the room. Afterwards he became more confident in his own capabilities as an artist and designer.

Today, the young student has graduated design school and now works as a professional designer. Brazilian host, she would have asked the police or gone to the Lost and Found desk. After long and exhausting hours looking at every single bus stop and even on buses in the main bus depot, she and her host found her luggage at 3 am.

Now her host is taking classes in tourism to provide his guests with better services. Particularly, I remember the story of a young woman from China. She lost her wallet with important documents on a bus in Rio de Janeiro. Clarence, who was bored with lessons at his design school, decided to find something new by traveling with Airbnb. Denmark and Belgium were his chosen destinations. When he walked into a house in Belgium, he was instantly inspired. The atmosphere was warmed by the mix of vintage items, antique furniture, high ceiling fans, contrasting modern colors and a beautiful garden in the back.

After decades of coffee domination, tea is making a sophisticated comeback in the capital. Joshua Zukas is a travel writer and Bien Nguyen is a photographer, both of whom are based in Hanoi. You can follow them at hanoihideaway. Tea remains the host's offering of choice in humble countryside homes and sky-high luxury apartment buildings.

Mua coupon vietravel

It breaks the ice at business negotiations just as it helps pave the way for internal political diplomacy. Keeping your eyes peeled, you'll find elderly tea sellers on a few of Hanoi's street corners serving steaming cups of green tea from tea cozy-suitcases. These ancient women are most obvious during the bitterest days of winter when they are one of the few street venders to brave the outside, cloaked in black and surrounded by tiny plastic chairs.

Tea has been adapted to fit modern tastes and trends as well, with small but significant enclaves of Hanoi's old quarter, such as near St Joseph's church and on Dao Duy Tu Street, overrun with youngsters slurping sickly sweet lemon iced tea. In the summer guests can opt for an iced variation, which works well with the fresh fruit and some sprigs of mint. Tea holds strong as a beverage enjoyed behind closed doors but out in the open, coffee reigns supreme.

Introduced by the French in the 19th century, coffee is still the relative new kid on the block, and yet it has packed on enough muscle to bully the old tea bag into public irrelevance, only occasionally showing its aged face outside of the private home or unseen meeting room. Some coffee shops still provide a complimentary glass of tea to accompany the coffee, but this is often served as an afterthought and it's rapidly becoming the exception rather than the rule. But things might be looking up for the more delicate brew, as cozy and intriguing tearooms are starting to spring up across the capital tempting trendy Hanoians with elegant aromas.

Intriguing tearooms such as familyrun E. Tea, a cozy space that occupies the elevated floor of a charming colonial corner building in the French quarter. Characteristic tiling spreads across the floor and comfortable seats have been expertly placed to devise a contemporary but intimate atmosphere.

For added privacy there is not just one but two small balconies that look over the bustling street below as well as a separate corner room fitting no more than a couple. The space is warm and cozy in the winter but bright and airy in the summer, and E. Tea's teas also reflect Hanoi's. Steaming pots of brew from an extensive menu selection, including British black teas and Chinese flower teas, are presented above a candle flame to keep up the heat.

In the summer guests can opt for an iced variation, which works well with the fresh fruit and some sprigs of mint to keep tea drinkers refreshed and hydrated when Hanoi heats up. Coffee makes a token appearance on the menu, but it is dwarfed by the remarkable selection of interesting world teas. Tea and little brother to the owner.

The focus no longer has to be the black stuff as entrepreneurial business owners are starting to choose smoothies, ice cream and cakes as the focal point to get the customers in. Brilliantly white with a sparkling window display, D'Alice provides a bright beacon of choice in one of Hanoi's biggest coffee strongholds.

If you like it with more flavour then you should wait a few minutes longer for one of the. In terms of interior design, nowhere in Hanoi is quite like D'Alice. This small space only has a handful of tables, with a dreamlike spiral staircase twisting its way up to a comfortable mezzanine level. Starkly contrasting with the noisy street-coffee scene outside, D'Alice is a sophisticated oasis of calm where the atmosphere requires that voices aren't raised above a delicate murmur of exchange.

Impossibly soft sofas and classic English armchairs adorn the tearoom- ideal for whiling away a lazy afternoon. D'Alice is the white polar opposite and together with an inspired selection of teas and delicious cakes, provides a refreshing alternative. Tea and D'Alice demonstrate that tea is also proving to be a popular alternative and Hanoians are bound to see this trend continue as the popularity of these new tearooms endures. Hanoi is a city full of surprises so let's wait and see what the future holds.

Matcha is green tea powder, a popular material of the Japanese tea ceremony. Time by time, many desserts and healthy drinks have been created from this premium powder. Introduced to Vietnam a few years ago, Matcha has created a hot trend with its scrumptious flavor as well as new and special variants.

A Japanese traditional Zen garden creates a miniature stylized landscape through carefully composed arrangements of rocks. Each Zen garden brings you a tranquil space, where you can feel the "zen in your sould " and explore yourself. In Vietnam, Zen gardens are creatively reintroduced in Matcha dishes. Rocks and leaves are made from special materials: Matcha chocolate cakes for mossy rocks, Macaron black sesame cakes for round rocks.

Sand is created by diet sugar which is not sweet and roasted black sesame. Leaves are made from chocolate Matcha while gravels are black beans only used for decorating. In addition, diners are allowed to create their own gardens with a mini wood rake. It also provides the best green tea in Japan. As a result, Tencha, a special green tea of Shizuoka, is the best material to make Matcha green tea powder for green tea Tiramisu cakes.

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It perfectly suits the flavor of Mascarpone cheese, Marsala wine and Lady Finger cakes. Representing the image of this mountain, Kakigori Tiramisu green tea cake is an excellent variant that promises to awaken your taste buds.. Kakigori green tea cake features the true flavor of Mascarpone cheese, the scent of Marsala wine, Matcha cream and Matcha chocolate stuffed inside "a snow mountain". This combination promises to bring diners a new exciting experience. Traditionally, macaron cakes look like colorful hamburgers with a layer of soft sweet cream between two thin pieces of cake. The cake features various flavors such as chocolate, almond, strawberry, orange and cinnamon.

When you enjoy this cake, you can taste the crispy crust blended with the flavor of cream. Two covers of the cake are made of powdered sugar and almond flour stuffed with 6 balls of Match and Yuzu Japanese mandarin. With a crispy crust and soft sweet cream inside, this kind of marcaron can attract every diner. However, after taking more time to enjoy it, you will appriciate it's special sweet flavor. In addition to cakes, Matcha drinks with rich Japanese green tea, fresh cream and ground ice are the highlights of this summer. You can mix the cream and Soda of Matcha Aqua Fresca to make it tastier and separately enjoy the fresh cream of Hokkaido Matcha to retain the flavors of Matcha and fresh milk.

Cut some more stones last week there are also 6 more not picture. All from colorado. Turquoise and aquamarine Breakfast Mcdonalds seems to be the choice of everyone I travel with. Se ti dicessi che con poche ore al giorno potresti cambiare il tuo stile di vita? Direct mess. I have worked with reflective opal but this should be better in my opinion. I'm gonna cut the sign decals first then play. I want a gold flag and a gold everything. I know many people do this. I ain't trying to compete. I also noticed it's hard not to naturally go to tshirts after decals.

Selezione di oggettistica vintage di vario genere per allestimento temporaneo presso ri. Grazie Davide per la tua fiducia! Not everyone thinks of an opportunity as one. Have y'all noticed what my profile picture has in the sunglasses reflection? ThAnk U I gain 30 followers a day for several months now and the number stays the same.

It's not. Some New Materials, because I am different than who I was last week. Have u ever been as happy as I that plans were cancelled for Wednesday's road trip? Save it for Winter! I haven't watched tv since before Netflix was a thing. This shows a difficulty of the Vietnamese government to cash out from the massive amount of tourists. Average spending per day in some Southeast Asia countries Source: Vietnam Travel and Tourism Summit International leisure travel visitors accounted for 73 per cent of the total overseas visitors, while tourists for conference and business travel accounted for 7 per cent and 5 percent respectively.

This shows a huge potential for inbound tourism development. Tourist accommodation establishments According to The Ministry of Tourism Vietnam, by the end of , Vietnam has However, accommodation from 3-star to 5-star still account the minority with establishments and , rooms in total. In this high-end range, hotels from 3-star to 5-star comes as the majority of 34,; 33, and 34, rooms respectively.

However, there are only 12 luxury villas and apartments with 1, rooms. The high-end establishments mainly locate in Ho Chi Minh city, the busiest city of the country, with 20 5-star hotels and star hotels. Number of accommodation establishment in Vietnam However, the number of high-end hotels in HCMC is said to not be enough to meet the need of visitors. Capital investment in Travel and Tourism Vietnam This statistics show a positive foundation for Vietnam to move forward, a great opportunity and time to invest in human capital to maintain this growth momentum for a long-term sustainable growth.

The sector breakdown consists of three major industry, including agriculture, industry and construction, and services. In , agriculture grew by 3. Industry and construction accounts for The industry itself account for The services sector increased by 7. This sector is driven by tourism and telecommunication, contributes It can easily be pointed out that services sector, especially tourism strongly has strongly contributed to the economic health of the country, and is predicted to continue to do so.

Vietnamese Industries sectors breakdown Vietnam's record of development over the last 30 years is remarkable and it is expected to continue to do so according to the World Bank. Vietnam GDP development - March Source: The International Monetary Fund. Social factors After years of growth, Vietnam is experiencing a rapid demographic change. The 2-child policy seems to slow down the birth rate, which also means the population is rapidly aging. Birth rates are always lower in urban areas than in rural areas.

The number of children per citizen ages has decreased constantly since , as a result of lower birth rate. The aged dependency per people since has remained stable, but is expected to increase to 17 by from 14 in Currently, 70 percent of the population is under 35 years old, this is still given Vietnam the advantage of labor resources in the next years. However, together with lower birth rates, middle class is predicted to be emerging, from 13 percent to 26 percent by Life expectancy has significantly improved.

Total life expectancy is In , literacy rate of people aged from 15 to 60 is Vietnamese labor also equip themselves with English speaking skill and that makes Vietnamese more of a competitive workforce. In , Vietnam was ranked 41 out of 88 non-native English countries and 7th in Asia. Political and legal factors The inbound tourist activities is directed by The Tourism Law. However, ever since it was approved, Vietnamese government has made a variety changes and additions for it to be flexible to the tourism industry movement.

The plan concentrates on improving the tourism labor productivity, developing the market, branding, developing infrastructure and diversifying tourism products and services and reserving cultural characteristics.

Besides funding, the government has also relax its tourist visa policies by allowing visitors from 46 countries to apply for a 30 days single-entry tourist visa. In addition, by approving the new pilot e-visa issuance program for inbound visitors, citizens from these 46 countries can extend their visa for 2-year until French, German, Italian and Spanish tourists will receive visa exemptions until , in a move aimed at giving the tourism industry a boost.

The government of Vietnam has moves to attracting new international tourists and promote tourists' returning to the country through relaxed visa policies. For a long time, visa hassles has always remained as a bottleneck for inbound tourism development, these new incentives have given the industry a great boost.

In chapter V, section 1, article 37 of the newest law No. Technology and Internet Information technology has been playing an important role in the tourism industry in the last two decades ever since it is introduced in Vietnam. Most tourists are now used to booking airline tickets, hotel or restaurant reservation. The internet has made a tremendous impact on how hospitality and tourism industry operates. It has helped to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer service and experience.

Nowadays, a customer's first experience with a company is its website, leading to the race of tourist businesses to utilize their online advertising, social media, online purchasing methods, which is so-called digital marketing, especially when their competitors are doing the same thing. Computer systems has simplified the management work, supports communication between offices of the same company, business and customers. The speedy development of mobile devices like cell-phone or tablet has again enforced the importance of the Internet.

On the other side of the equation, these technological advances have empowered customers to make their own decisions. It can also reduce or eliminate price difference among businesses, make the market even more competitive for companies that are not updating. Internal drivers 3. Managerial Board mainly works with internal stakeholders, while products board deal with products and external resources. During almost 20 years of operation, VYC travel has gradually established new departments depending on its operation demand from the first three functions: products, sales and accounting.

Moreover, the department also make its impressive revenue by offering visa services, investment and studying abroad consultant. Visa department also handles tourist visas for inbound visitors of VYC Travel.

At the moment, inbound tours are responsible by domestic departments, with the supports from Marketing - Customer Service, Domestic Department, Air ticket, Sales and Visa. The inbound tours are currently made conventionally together with other domestic tours and then translated into English, which is not making the result any effective for inbound market. The tours are not customized to the target customers and this wonders the board of management. The process of inbound tour as well as domestic tour can be listed as following: the Domestic department does its research and create a tour program with according routes; the Air ticket and Visa department supports on pricing; the Domestic department finishes the tour then a meeting is hold with Inbound Sales team and Marketing to make marketing plan and sales strategies for the new tour package.

The Air Ticket department supports on booking. Then finally, the Visa Department will advise and make the visa process for registered tourists. There is no target international market so the time to customize for certain customers is not taken into account. The domestic department is divided into two teams, tour creators and tour guides. Tour creators do not take care of more than 2 regions to ensure the quality of the tour. The management board has three members, including 1 director Mr. Nguyen Van Truong , 2 vice managers, Mrs.

Nguyen Van Hieu, responsible for Products Board. Three members of the Management Board together make important decisions of the company. Other departments have number of employees as follow: Table. Indeed, it can be seen that Outbound department has 10 employees focusing on designing tours and guiding, whereas 10 others out of 16 in Sales department. Visa department and Air ticket give a great support to outbound tourists. The quality of labors is seen to be improving. There is up to There are many team leaders and best sellers graduate from small colleges or technical schools, which shows how smart the company is using its workforce and appreciate their contribution.

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The company workforce's age also shows a good indicator of human resources management, stabling among generations. Just in 3 years, the company's total assets have increased almost half from 5. Maintaining about the same cost of revenue, VYC is showing a strong potential in their operation. The company financial scale is expanding, which results from the sales profit. The company's finance can sponsor for the new Inbound department without many risks.

VYC's marketing is analyzed with 4Ps model as follow: a Product VYC offers products in the Hospitality and Tourism including Tour packages - main products; transportation, car renting services; studying-abroad consultancy; ticket agent; insurance agent; consultation on tourist, labor, immigration and foreign investment brokers; Ravenala resort.

Outbound tours are divided into continents except for North Pole and South Pole. Unique tours bring tourists on special itineraries that very few of other companies do like Antarctica, Arctic expenditure, South America civilization, Latin America culture, Middle East journey, etc. Currently, Unique tours are the ones with the most competitive advantages, since not many company does those, so there is less price competition. Outbound packages target on average-high income tourists, with high-quality services and cultural content.

Outbound department always attracts new customers and maintain old guests. Unique and Outbound packages mostly use 4 or 5-star hotels. Domestic market is more competitive; however, VYC also don't let go of its own identity. Domestic department operates both affordable and high-end tours for different types of tourists. Even though Inbound tours are just made conventionally together with Domestic tours.

VYC's domestic tours have its own identity, with real local and cultural experiences but still maintain the relaxing ideas. Visitors are stayed at star hotel, so they are less likely to experience any cultural shock. Tour guides are well-trained with a great understanding of the destination's history, culture and nature as well as perfect English skills. Small gifts are given before the tours like hats, luggages, photos, etc depend on the tour price. The company also supports customers after the tour with hotel search, ticket booking and after service. However, VYC is more focusing on finding and creating long-term relationships with loyalty customers, price-sensitive tourists are not their first priority.

VYC train their salesperson to upsell their other services. They also design a customer loyalty program in place to develop and maintain long-term clients with better rates and coupons. They are also looking for partnerships with organization and agencies such as airlines company, hotel chains, operator partners, etc to offer exclusive pricing options.

Over all of the extra value, VYC does not overcharge inbound customers. Vietnam is a cheap country and it is one of the reasons Vietnam attracts tourists.

Bangkok – Pattaya - 3 Star Hotel (Special deal)

VYC sets their price with the best use of local resources and partners. Foreign and Vietnamese visitors enjoy the same services and pricing. Guests come in group usually get better price than a single tourist by themself. In term of offline distribution, the company has a large 5-block office in the most central location, district 1, of the city with their travel agent, air ticket and car renting services office.

VYC sales team also regularly takes part in tourist fair to look for new customers. However, most retail customers find and purchase their tours online through websites, facebook fanpage, zalo and instagram. They have been doing effectively in this channel. Inbound tours are sold in Tripadvisor and Viator, 2 largest tour booking agent websites. Tourists come in group usually book through an agent of their own country. Over 28 years of operation, VYC has set up a network of partners in every continent it's operating on.

Through these agents, groups of tourists can book their available tours or customize it for their preferences. Dealing with group tourists via their local business also give VYC a chance to set up a more suitable price and improve customer satisfaction. Only 6. These honoured title records VYC's works. VYC also use email marketing.

The company automatic system designed by their Technical department is used to send automatic emails to their potential customers, who left their email in the website, or their old tourists. Email is sent out whenever their is a big promotion or in their tourist's birthday. Online channels are still their main mean of marketing.

Their biggest channels are their main website and facebook fanpage as the market's demand. VYC has a Facebook fanpage with more than 80, likes, so their potential customers is a large collection. The fanpage is updated every 3 hours, well-planned timing by their marketers. It is updated with their tours information, introduction videos, travel tips and famous destinations.