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Get a free additional driver and free winter tyres in Prague, Czech Republic through March 31, The buy 3, get 1 free promo and free shipping were incentives for me to order. Also the hand written thank you message from Ms. Ann, on my receipt, made me feel special. I will definitely be ordering again! I ordered several flavors, there all amazing!

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Ill be ordered more very soon. The fudge is delicious, as are the chocolate chip cookies! Love the free samples and quick service.

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Ordered Friday and delivered Monday! Loved all four flavors of fudge, and totally enjoyed the free samples. Best tasting fudge ever I will definitely be ordering again!!! Absolutely delicious!! Ordered a few days ago and got my fudge today. Ate the cookie and praline that came as a free gift and both were delicious. Thanks so much, Ann for a great product. Charlotte H. Incredible variety. Melt in your mouth taste.

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  • Everything is just absolutely delicious. The fudge was great. I really enjoyed the free taste of her pralines. I am going to order some. Some of the best fudge we've ever had. Ships very fast and is packaged incredibly well. If you are on the fence about ordering, just do it!

    The best pralines I've ever tasted! The walnut fudge was amazing. I just received my order, and I was not disappointed! But, oh my gosh! And the brownies are to die for!!!! What a wonderful product. You have me as a regular customer! Thank you, Ann! Got our order today. I love this fudge and really quick shipping. Best fudge I have ever bought!! Lots of delicious walnuts in the chocolate walnut fudge, more nuts than other sellers of fudge, which I really loved!!

    Fast shipping, great customer service!! Excellent buttery real homemade fudge! Great customer service, price, packaging and quick shipping! The fudge I have ordered has been delicious and I plan to order more as gifts soon. This fudge is amazing. I bought the buy 3 get one free and then divided each into 4 slices and made 4 gifts with one of each flavor.

    I hate to play favorites, but that peanut butter is the best I have ever had. Just received my order today and have to say this is the best fudge I have ever had!! There were also some extra little goodies included , which was such a nice surprise!! The chocolate chip cookie was delicious as were the samples of different flavors of fudge. I will be ordering again for sure and will be spreading the word about how delicious everything is!!

    I loved my first order of fudge, loved the fast delivery, and will love more in the future! I will definitely be ordering again. The cookie, the praline Oh My! My only question is The penuche is heaven!! Fudge is amazing and the Pralines are a gift from the gods. So good. I ordered because I've been missing the Rocky Road fudge of my childhood and thought I'd try yours. It is delicious. I ordered 4 different fudges on November 15 and received them Sunday, November I immediately opened the package and tried the fudge.

    The Rocky Road brought back wonderful memories. My husband loves the Butter Finger fudge. The cookie you sent was also wonderful. We will enjoy trying the other 2 and will order more when these are gone. Thank you for a wonderful quality product. Very good fudge. Plus the pecan praline is good to. I am a first time buyer and so happy that I did!! Excellent fudge and so is the peppermint bark :- Everything I ordered is great and got here in record time!! Thank you!! What a delicious find! Fudge is excellent and customer service is fantastic! Wow, Ann takes really good care of her customers!

    Her Fudge is Out of this World. Delicious from the first bite to the last! Thanks Ann Jeff Hom. Amazing fudge, fast free shipping, great customer service. What else can you ask for? I was impressed with how quickly I received my order it was packed to perfection. Then I tried the fudge. It brought back. Delicious melt in your mouth perfection. Enjoyed the free samples also. Excellent chocolate chip cookie. I will recommend you to my friends. This fudge is outrageously good! I just got home from work, now I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee and a piece of buttercream and dark chocolate caramel with sea salt!

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    All the freebies were excellent, my son ate the cookie. Would definitely order again! Butterscotch may be next on my list! So far I love everything I have tasted. So glad I gave it a try. Just YUM. Ordered on Nov 10th You'll hear from me again!! Just wonderful old fashioned flavored fudge. Walnut fudge, Butterfinger fudge and regular chocolate fudge were good but I threw away the strawberry and cream it was awful, it had a strange flavor and left an even worse after taste.

    I haven't gotten to my fudge and brownie order yet - LOL! I am too full from eating my bonus items! My cookie was wonderful and that is saying a lot cause I'm traditionally Team Hard Cookie. I did not expect it to be so large and packed with chips!! The praline fudge was scrumptious. I never had that before.

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    My fudge samples white chocolate and chocolate peanut butter were equally tasty and the texture was perfect. I really liked the presentation of the chocolate peanut butter - it was something that I had never seen before and will now be something that I will prefer!!! The shipping was faster than I had expected considering it went from one end of the country to the other!!

    Can't wait to order again!! I can't begin to tell you how good this fudge tastes. I saw an ad on facebook for this business. They had a great deal so I took a chance. So creamy and the flavor options are fantastic. Thank you for the wonderful fudge and customer service. Holy moly, this is the creamiest fudge I've ever had! And I loved the free samples of two other kinds of fudge and two cookies! Received my order today. First one I tried was the Butter Pecan Fudge OMG, to die for!!!! Can't wait to try the others! Delicious fudge! Fast shipping The fudge is smooth and not crystalized - it's sweet but not clawingly so.

    It really is good. The butterscotch and dark chocolate are to die for. Loved the Russian tea cookies. Chocolate chip cookies; sorry, mine are better. I love to cook and bake but candy I consider fudge candy just isn't my thing. I would rather order from here and cook and bake other stuff! Really, really good!!! My first experience was very positive! Quick delivery, well packaged and the fudge was so tasty!

    I highly recommend buying her fudge. The products, the service and the people. The fudge was really good! Other fudge lovers I shared with agreed! I just received my order, it is so delicious! And thanks so much for the free samples, I was only expecting a cookie, but there were other samples, too! This fudge is so good. Shipping is fast. I highly recommend it and I will personally be back. Delicious, simply delicious. We tried several to sample for Christmas gifts and were very pleased with taste, texture, and overall quality!

    Excellent fast delivery. The fudge is rich and oh so delicious. Incredibly delicious. Absolutely delicious!!! The best by far!!! Fast shipping, samples with the order. Tasty fudge! Best fudge ever. Comes quickly fantastic service. Will order again. Just received my buy 3 get 1 free order, along with a free cookie, praline, and 2 samples of fudge. All is delicious. My favorite is the penuche. Amazing quality, taste and customer service.

    Highly recommend! Ordered on Friday, got it on Monday. I got 4 kinds of fudge and freebies, including a choc chip cookie, a praline and 2 samples of fudge flavors I didn't order this time around!!! The chocolate chip cookie WAS so good and those fudge samples have me hooked. But the freebies, those are Best fudge ever!! Creamy and delicious. Quick delivery too!

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    • True old fashioned fudge. The flavors are whole not artificial tasting. The consistency is dreamy! I am a die hard fan of the old school chocolate or chocolate walnut but I gambled on chocolate caramel, coconut cream and Buttercream. I bought the 3 and 1 free. They were all good. Chocolate walnut is my favorite YES, I will try others.

      The peanut butter didn't have enough peanut butter taste for me but I am a peanut butter lover. I will definitely be placing an order for more next month! I ordered 4 types of fudge and they are all fantastic!!!! Fast shipping, friendly, and high quality, you can't ask for any better!

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      I got my order yesterday. The flavors taste just like what they say and it has a very smooth, creamy texture. We had some trouble getting my shipment to my house and Ann sent a new shipment for FREE even though it was my fault! Great customer service!! Edit: Just received my 2nd order. If I could give it 10 stars, I would! It's really that good! The Penuche and Buttercream are my favorites so far! I received my first order today, and all of the positive reviews didn't disappoint!

      Out of the 4 flavors I ordered, the buttercream is my favorite! I will be ordering more for sure! And after receiving the free praline, I will have to order some of those next time too, it was delicious! I ordered the Tea Cakes and while they are very good, you only get 5 small cookies about the size of a silver dollar for 12 bucks.

      NOT worth it. Come on, at that price, a dozen should be provided. I received my order today!! I was amazed at the great value 1st of all! Oh the Fudge is a dream come true!! I'm so happy to have ordered! I look forward to ordering many more times!! Super Yummy!!

      Buy Anderson's Items Under $30 at Amazon + Free Shipping w/Prime

      Fresh and delicious, fast shipping and friendly people! Doesn't get any better! Shipped quickly and arrived in good shape. The samples were a plus. Love it. I got my second order today. I am freezing it for Christmas! Thank you Ann for the wonderful customer service! I ordered 4 different kinds of fudge. It arrived quickly, perfect packaging! Each one was so delicious! I will definitely be reordering!! Excellent Fudge I just love it and will definitely buy it again! I am a first time buyer and was excited to receive my fudge and pralines today.

      The free shipping and packaging were perfect. I was expecting the bonus chocolate chip cookie and praline, which were delicious, but also received 2 small samples of fudge flavors that I hadn't ordered. I always like to do business with people, who show care in what they do and provide something I wasn't expecting. I will definitely need to order those flavors of fudge in the future. I am going to have to ration the tasty treats so not to have too much in one day. I can't wait to taste everything that I bought. Also, when placing my order online, I didn't know how to successfully add to my order, so I called and spoke to your son.

      He was very helpful and pleasant to talk to. A great business and great homemade treats! I LOVE fudge , and these were amazing!! I tried almond bliss , tiger butter , pumpkin spice , and the nanaimo bars.. Bought some fudge for my fudge-loving husband after seeing an ad on Facebook.

      Hands down the best we have had! None of the flavors were overly sweet like a lot of fudge is and they were perfectly balanced. There was no guessing what the flavors were, they were spot on. The free samples and cookies definitely ensured we will order again to try more!! Excellent candy, reasonable prices, super specials.

      Fudge like my grandmother used to make and that I could never duplicate not that I tried very hard Wish her shop was in central Florida, not Washington State. I'd visit daily! Just got my fudge today! The free samples are such a nice touch and the fudge is amazing. Love the peanut butter chocolate! He fudge is as good as my grandmothers was. She taught me to make it,but I just have the time anymore so I think it is wonderful to have found somewhere I can get great fudge!! This is the very best fudge that I have ever had and the price was also the best!

      Several years ago were were vacationing on Martha's Vineyard. There is a fudge store in Edgartown that sold the best fudge I ever tasted.. Oh Fudge has me hooked!! The Rocky Road fudge and Naiamo bars are particularly delicious. In addition to a nice personal note from Ann, my order came with three generous samples-chocolate chip cookie and fudge.

      I highly recommend their products. I purchased 3 fudges and get 1 free! Best peanut butter fudge I have ever had!!!! Great work :. The best fudge ever! Plus, the pralines are to die for! So glad I found this site! This is by far the best fudge I have ever tasted! It is homemade and just delicious! I love the Maple Walnut the best so far, but I definitely will be ordering more of the other flavors! Now to get my sister to try it! She loves fudge too! I was even sent a few samples to try with my order! TY so much! I waited 3 days for my fudge, and I was not disappointed when it got here.

      The butter pecan fudge was so yummy. I'm not a big fan of the nanaimo thing. I felt like it was a great deal. Ordered 1 peanut butter fudge as a test run. I've been looking for a replacement fudge since my grandmother passed away years ago. Never found one that lived up to hers. Ann's is as close as I will ever get. It is melt in your mouth amazing.

      Kicking myself for not ordering more. I could literally eat this container in one sitting and have to force myself not to. I have not tried the extra goodies that came with it yet, but can only imagine how amazing they are as well. Everything was delicious, arrived super quickly, and custom service was awesome as well. Loved the samples I received- now I know what to get next time!

      Will be a repeat customer for sure! They have amazing fudge and I haven't tried everything I got yet but man the Nanaimo bar is to die for. I'd be sure to get that again if I made another purchase. I bought alot so hope it lasts , not sure if it will with how amazing this stuff is. Thanks so much! I actually ordered the Russian Tea Cakes and they are the best ever!! Melt in your mouth! And the extra samples of fudge and the yummy cookie Will be ordering fudge next!!

      I usually make fudge for the holidays, but not anymore. Oh Fudge by Ann is SO much better, and with so many amazing flavors it is easy to find something to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth! Ann offers a high quality product and an awesome variety, along with good old fashioned customer service. I'm never making my own fudge again! Order and you will be glad you did! Fudge and cookies were the BEST we've ever had. This fudge is delicious!! I purchased 4 different kinds and each one is so creamy and melts in your mouth not gritty like many fudges can be.

      I am a big fan!!

      Clinton Anderson Coupon Codes, Clinton Anderson Promo Codes & Discounts For June 12222

      I know I am not making fudge anymore. Fudge by Ann cannot be beat! The fudge is delicious!!! My favorite is the Butter Pecan!!! The chocolate chip cookie was delicious!!!! I am addicted to the Amaretto. So far I have tried 4 different flavors and I rate all of them 5-star. They are delicious. And Ann provides super fast delivery. The tea cakes are especially wonderful. I love it all! Absolutely delicious--I was unsure so only ordered one kind.. The Panuche and Nanaimo I may have spelled that incorrectly are melt in your mouth and groan worthy. I am a completely satisfied customer and will be ordering from her again.

      Thank you Ann for giving us a little taste of your kitchen. Everything is so delicious, the free bonuses are a super nice touch, and customer service is top notch! Will absolutely order again! This fudge is amazing! Great flavor, fresh and crazy fast shipping. Single-use promo codes are good for only one purchase, and our community shares single-use codes for Anderson's and thousands of other retailers. Because they expire quickly, you may need to try a few single-use codes before you find a code that works.

      Sometimes, single-use codes may be the only way to save at andersons. To use a Anderson's single-use code, simply copy the coupon code from this page, then enter it in the "Promo Code" box at andersons. Anderson's free shipping coupons. Looking for free shipping at andersons.

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