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If you are a lover of social media connections, or you fancy watching SD videos and streaming music, then the 4Mbps bundle from MWEB is just what you need. This package is designed for individuals in need of fast data transmission. You will need this if you like making VoIP calls, connecting on several social media channels, watching SD videos, and streaming music.

This subscription is available for R payable on a month-to-month basis. This package comes with uncapped data allocation of 10Mbps. It is suitable for home use especially for individuals looking for something that allows them an uninterrupted social media connection, online gaming, making VoIP calls, and streaming videos and music. If you run a small business or you need a fast internet connection, the 20Mbps uncapped ADSL option will do. It is ideal for downloading files, streaming videos and music online, making VoIP calls, uploading content, as well as gaming online.

You do not have to worry over data limits with this bundle as it allows you unlimited anytime data.

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It goes for R, and it is payable every month. It is suitable for home use as well as for small businesses in need of speeds that can withstand HD videos, heavy content uploads and downloads, online gaming, streaming of videos and music, as well as making VoIP calls. For R a month, subscribers enjoy the convenience of 40 Mbps unlimited anytime data. However, it does not include an ADSL line. Unlike the uncapped options, these bundles limit you to a certain amount of data, as well as the number of devices you can fully connect at a go. Below are some of the available packages. As a subscriber of this option, you will be paying R each month.

It is best suited for 1 to 2 devices. Customers subscribing to this option should have a DSL line. This package includes GB worth of data. It does not include an ADSL line.

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According to the speed of this package, it is best for connecting 2 -3 devices at a go. Customers who subscribe to this package can also enjoy tech support all year round and a 2GB mailbox space with 4 aliases. It is available at R per month, and it is suitable for connecting devices. For an extra R per month, subscribers enjoy GB of data. Additionally, you get all-year tech support and 2GB of mailbox space. However, it does not include a line. This package affords subscribers GB of data, which is fast enough to serve about 4 — 6 connected devices.

The bundle also includes 2GB of mailbox space, 4 aliases, and tech support is given free all year round. Not sure what's available in your area? Need Axxess Internet?

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Click here to check for services in your area. To get connected, you'll need:. A monthly billed Telkom phone line. An active Axxess DSL service. Never worry about how much data you use. Take control. Get exactly what you need. Available at selected retailers nationwide. Fibre-to-the-Home is ultra fast broadband! It's by far the best way to connect to the net. Check to see if you're lucky enough to have this service available in your area.

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A Fibre Line to your Home. A Fibre modem or router. An active Axxess Fibre service. Get the exact amount of data you need and track your usage. A Smart Device.

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Say goodbye to unnecessary landline costs and only pay for the calls you make. Axxess Voice is perfect for anyone with Fibre or fixed LTE who wants a home telephone number that is flexible, affordable and easy-to-use. It allows you to make low-cost calls to landline and mobile numbers, and free calls to other Axxess Voice numbers.

An Internet connection. A Handset. Or Smartphone.