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There are also tests for arsenic, fluoride, lead, chromium and other poisons. See Sample report for a complete list of contaminants and water characteristics that are tested. Note that MTBE, the gasoline additive that's been in the news, is included, as is chromium, also a contaminant that has received much public attention in recent years.

This is a valuable option that you should consider if your water comes from a lake or pond or from a well in an agricultural region. In our opinion, the two comprehensive Watercheck products below are the best choice for most situations, both for municipal private water supplies. However, there are more testing options listed below.

The price below is the full charge to you for the testing. We pay National Testing Laboratories' fees as well as shipping of the test kit from us to you. Citycheck is a basic testing package that targets the most common contaminants found in municipal water supplies. Citycheck is recommended if for customers on municipal water sources who are concerned about VOC and heavy metal contamination.

The Wellcheck test package is designed for customers that need basic bacteria and heavy metal testing on their well water supply. Wellcheck tests for common well water contaminants and characteristics such as arsenic, iron, manganese, ph and hardness. It is an excellent test package for an initial diagnosis of basic well issues and for ongoing well bacteria monitoring. The following single analyte tests can be purchased individually without a test or as a additional feature for a Wellcheck, Citycheck or Watercheck test kit.

The following analytes are available as addons for the Watercheck, Wellcheck or Citycheck test packages.

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These addons must be purchased with a full test kit. They are not available as individual tests. Please type in your e-mail to receive our newsletter, The Pure Water Occasional. Call us at We offer free tech support by phone if you have a problem in installation or service.

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All test kits include instructions and sample containers. Your only additional expense will be overnight shipping to the NTL test location.

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